From the look of things this morning, apparently everyone here in the United States had a clock had sprung.  At least, sprung something negative inside them.  All because the clocks moved forward an hour overnight.

Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal.  Except for the fact that there’s an “extra” hour of sunlight in the evening now.

That’s a good thing.

It was a gorgeous day here in Southern Oregon, with the afternoon temperatures expected to hit +20C (68F).  Not too shabby. It was almost if spring had sprung.

So we did the sensible thing.  We headed for the hills to see the snow.

Skinny sure liked this location.  It’s Lake of the Woods, nestled in the Cascades, not far from the Pacific Crest Trail.

We are actually out on the lake, some 50-60 meters from shore.  Yep, the lake is frozen.

Skinny McLoughlin

It’s funny to consider that Skinny has very low body fat, but was the one that decided he was going to sprawl out on the ice.

Skinny is the one that drags us out onto the ice.  Into the snow,  Into the rain.  Not that we mind any of them, but he sure likes it.

A few minutes after lying down like this on the ice, he started licking the soft snow on top.

He is hilarious.

By the way, that is Mt McLoughlin in the background, a lava cone on top of  a dormant volcano.  This is the only angle, from the south, that shows its imperfection.  If you view it from the west, north or east, its outline is perfectly smooth, coming to a sharp peak.  It is a beautiful mountain.

We sure are glad that this is just a 30 minute drive up the road.

4 thoughts on “Sprung”

  1. It seems to me that the people who want to move to summer time this early, don’t really appreciate the morning. Loved the picture of Skinny in the snow.

    1. Very true, Shimon. Although it was nice to have the sun showing its presence, even just a little bit, in the morning. Not now. But it will return soon.

  2. Bill, this isn’t too far from where our family has spent a few camping trips, at Diamond Lake. Among our more notable trips was one we took the weekend Nixon resigned in 1974, it was on all the radio stations all day long.

    1. Steve, I can certainly see the attraction to camping in and around the area. Heck, I can see the draw in buying a house on some land in that area.

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