The Man

A couple of shots from a few weeks ago when we escaped the heat and headed to the coast.

This trip was Skinny’s first experience with the ocean.  He loved the wide beach and sand for running, but wasn’t too sure about the moving water.

Mind you, he loves lying in a stream and letting the water rush over him.  But that’s a constant movement.  Much different than standing on sand and having the water rush up around your legs.

Or nose, in this case.

Enjoying a rest on the sand.

He was quite content to lie where he was, a good 40 yards or so from the water, which was also several feet below him, as the rushing waves had built up a nice sandbar at the edge.

But there’s always a good set of waves that haven’t followed the rules, which is why you should never turn your back on the ocean.

Or keep your eyes closed too much.

Getting closer.

A few seconds later and the water was around his feet, forcing him to bound out of the way of the evil 1/2″ deep water.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get that shot.  I was laughing too hard.

A perfectly good nap ruined.


And why the title?  In some circles, he’s known as “Skinny Man”.  That name predates his adopting us, so it sticks.

Beautiful View

No matter where we are or what we’re doing, this is always my favorite view.

It just makes me smile.

Goddess & Skinny

Walking a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) near Pilot Rock in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, just a short drive from our house.


Six years ago today, Skinny said “yeah, I guess I’ll put up with these people”.

So today is our “Gotcha Day”.

We were warned about his “puppitude” back then.  But he was just a young pup, at 3.5 years old.  That means he’s now 9.5 years old, technically the oldest in the house (by far) and has grown that ‘tude into one for the ages.

He sure can be a cranky SOB.  Usually when we aren’t doing exactly what he wants.

A demanding cuss, he is.

And we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Gotcha Day 2014

It’s a good thing he stopped for a moment to look regal.  For the previous several minutes, he was licking that patch of snow next to his left front elbow.

Classy dude that he is.

So hang in there for at least another six gotcha days Skinny.


Release Me

Yeah, I know I’ve been pretty quiet around these parts lately.  I’ve been in school the past couple of weeks, building a new bicycle (more on that later).  Those days are long and exhausting, starting right after sunrise and ending after sunset.

That puts a crimp on taking photos.

Plus, Goddess is doing her school work in the evenings and on the weekends, so we’re doing a lot of waving to each other as we pass in opposite directions.  Our schools are less than a block apart from the each other.

So in the evenings, I get home for what may or may not be 45 minutes with her to sit, have dinner and talk about whatever is going on.  Skinny gets fed during that time.

I know, because I see it.

But within two minutes of Goddess leaving for school, he tries to play me like a a kid would.  “Dad, I’m wasting away!  I haven’t been fed for DAYS!”.

It’s like clockwork every night.

He has become quite vocal in his protests.  It’s quite funny.

Although I try to teach him patience, he gets one last bit of dinner.  If I didn’t, we wouldn’t get any sleep.  Actually, Goddess wouldn’t.  I don’t hear Skinny at night.

Here’s a shot from last winter, from our living room in Germany.  Skinny has been served a portion of his dinner.  He’s just waiting to be released to scarf it down.

Release Me!

Truth be told, he does eat better than most humans.

He deserves it.

Two Paths

No bike post today.  Maybe tomorrow.

While I’m attending bike school during the day, Goddess is attending a different school in the evenings (and most weekends).  That means we’re getting to see each other for just a little bit each day, where just a few months ago we were together all day, every day.

We like each other.

We’re both quite busy, working towards our separate goals, which actually meld together quite well and will serve us well in the future.

While she was at school this weekend, Skinny and I decided we needed a breather.  So we headed up into the mountains for some fresh air and hopefully find some autumn color.  We found little color, but a lot of solitude.  And that was a great thing.  Mind you, here in town, the color has popped all over the place.  It’s quite pretty.

From what we were able to find, the small pockets of deciduous trees at that elevation weren’t ready to change much.  Never mind the fact that we were 5,000′ in elevation above town.

But it was interesting to see the small groves of trees on the hillsides reacting to the microclimates, with the lower elevations still in their summer green, while the trees at the top of the grove slowly changing.  We’ll have to go back in a week or so and see how things have progressed.

Don’t get me wrong, the trip was far from disappointing.  Skinny and I were able to walk a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and find a spot a mile or so from the road, looking over several valleys, without any man-made structures in sight.  Not even sounds from cars or airplanes.


Here’s the view from our little parking area, looking south towards Mount Shasta, some 90 miles distant.  The road is one of the local forestry roads and if you’ll notice the pathway to the lower right, that’s a very small stretch of the PCT.  Only 16 miles to Interstate 5.

Two Paths

Downward Dog

Now, I am good with doing some yoga.  It sure feels good.

But Skinny takes dog yoga to a new level.  An art form, if you will.

It’s a way of communication for him.

In this case, it’s “ummmm, pay attention to me.  I’m hungry and you need to serve me.  Now!”.

It’s usually accompanied with a large, loud stress yawn.

Meaning – “I am wasting away, about to turn to dust.  FEED ME!”

Downward Dog

Sometimes I just get lucky with the setting sun streaming through the window.


The days have been quite warm, reaching the mid-70’s fahrenheit.  But being in the transition between the temperate coastal regions and the high desert, we still get quite cool in the morning.

Matter of fact, our last freezing temperature, on average, isn’t for another month.

Those cool nights mean that Skinny wears his pajamas.

Greyhounds have little body fat, you know.