It’s been a long week of getting through jet lag while trying to find a house in which to live, even if it’s only temporary while we look for something longer term.

But we are finding ways to decompress.

Today was no different.  A few uninspiring open houses to start.  So uninspiring that we did not walk into a single one, since the neighborhoods spoke the story.

Following our plan, we then started driving towards a trail head for an afternoon traipse through the forest and hills.  Along the way, Goddess fell asleep.  I kept driving.

I had a few options, including heading south into northern California.  But we’ve driven that stretch a few times already this past week, striking that path from the list of possibilities.  Instead, I decided to head up to the local ski area, which is just 30 minutes south of town.  The winding road finally woke Goddess, but Skinny was out cold in the back seat.

Similar to my post a few days ago, here is a view of Mt Shasta, off in the distance.  But this is from the parking lot of the local ski area, some 5,500′ above our town, 8 miles distant as the crow flies, 20 miles by car.

And since we’re talking distance, Mt Shasta is 54 miles away in this view.

It was a beautiful day.

Mt Shasta viewed from Mt Ashland
Mt Shasta viewed from Mt Ashland

I do like Mt Shasta. For many reasons.

It was a fixture in my youth, it’s a mountain and it’s a mountain.

Did I say it’s a mountain?  I like mountains.  Which is a big part of why we moved here.

Yesterday I ran across a list of mountains that one must climb in the United States.  Shasta was on the list.  Not that I needed a list to think about climbing it.

The description of the mountain also included links to guided climbs, which can be important if you’re thinking about climbing during the cooler months when there’s still snow and ice on the summit.  Skill with crampons and ice axes are important and those are taught by the guides.  Those skills are not something I have, but would love to learn.

I did a bit of research, then filed the info in the back of my mind, since I need to keep focused on finding a place to live.

Priorities, you know.

So we were out today and I was looking at the mountain once again, thinking about a climb.  Nothing in-depth, but just an awareness that I will do it.

Jump forward a few hours and I see a post by a friend, inquiring about whether or not to use a guide to climb Mt Shasta.  A friend that we have not seen since we left Japan in 2006.  Apparently the plan would be a spring climb.

This may happen sooner rather than later.

I’m good with that.

Especially since Goddess gave her approval with “have fun with that”.


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