Pilot Cumulus

A flashback to a day last spring.

Goddess and I were sitting with a friend on a bluff overlooking the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, watching the rain showers roll past.

There are five climbers silhouetted on the summit of Pilot Rock that are only visible in the original image.  Discovering them made me smile, thinking of another day a couple of years ago where we made that same climb with friends.


It has been a while since I’ve put up a photo post that wasn’t related to our prep for our upcoming hike.

Here’s a fun one from our visit with friends the week before last.  While we spent quite a while doing more formal portrait and pregnancy bump shots, a lot of the fun was when everyone was hanging out and the pictures just happened.

Like when Dad had to feel the kicks of their first child.


Icy Mount McLoughlin

Just a few steps to the left (west) of where Skinny was lying.

For me, it’s all about the clouds, although the mountain is nice too.

Mount McLoughlin, viewed from the frozen surface of Lake of the Woods, Klamath County, Oregon.

This was taken in March of 2013.  If only we’ve had a winter like that since.



Well, it’s already 2015 in some parts of the world, but it’s still New Year’s Eve here and in Europe.

Our German neighbors introduced us to their NYE traditions and this is one of our favorites, watching Dinner for One.  It has now become a tradition on this blog.  Sit back, have a good laugh, then be safe out there this evening.

Goddess and I hope you have a great year!

Here’s a fun little read on the history of Dinner for One (click here), along with the longer cut, complete with German introduction.


GlobesWe are marking the first full day of winter today with a grin.  Yesterday was the kick-off for this year’s Winter Solstice offering over on my photography site and it was a good day (thank you everyone!).

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Again, thank you all for your support!!!

Winter Solstice Sale

In a few short hours it will be the official winter solstice for those of us north of the equator.

For some that means it’s now the the beginning of a long, dreary winter.  A season to dread.  But not us.  Winter is another great season to get outside, explore and play.

This past Friday was opening day for our local ski mountain.  Goddess and I were able to get more than a few runs in on uncrowded slopes before school let out for the holidays.  And the rain today.

It’s currently raining up on the mountain, on top of the minimal snow.  Hopefully it doesn’t melt the snow and start another rough winter for the mountain, which never opened last winter for the first time in its 50-year history.

Fingers crossed.

As is tradition here on the solstices and equinoxes, I’m offering a sale on my photography.

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BAP - Winter14Thank you so much for your continued support.  I do appreciate you!

Oak Ridge

Late afternoon light over the Rogue Valley, helping burn off the fog for a few hours.

Nope, this was not today, but a few weeks back.  The passengers in the car might recognize it now, but I know they were wondering why we pulled off the road so quickly that afternoon.

Today was cloudy and snowy on this same stretch of road.  Still nice, since it meant that Goddess and I were able to get out in the forest with the snow gently falling through the trees.

Nice and quiet.

That was a great thing, especially with our experiences in town today, both leaving and coming back.  I joked with Goddess that I was pretty sure that we were just characters in some video game and that we had a big marker floating over our car that prompted drivers to pull out in front of us, without clearance, and win a prize.

Ever have one of those days?



Waiting for sunset, watching the clouds pass.


It’s interesting to sit here and listen to the hard drives spinning.  It wasn’t but 8 years ago I was standing in the electronics district in Tokyo, marveling at the new 1 terabyte (TB) hard drives, astonished at the price and knowing that I wasn’t even close to filling a 400GB hard drive.

Now I look at my multiple redundant 1TB hard drives that are each getting close to capacity, knowing that my new 3TB hard drive will be almost 1/3 full once everything is copied over tomorrow.


But if I need a photo from January 2004, I can quickly find it.

That’s not bad.  Is it?

Prior to that, it may take me a bit longer.  Those are boxes and boxes and boxes of negatives.

It is interesting to watch the technology change, especially when you consider that we walk around with more memory in our phones than the Space Shuttle had in the then top-of-the-line GRiD Compass computers.  I know a few of you (myself included) worked with those exact same computers in another capacity.  What paperweights!

But this upgrade in technology here at the house is all in preparation to spend half of 2015 without much technology.

Enjoying views like the one above.

Pilot Rock Cloudscape

The rock is a nice rock.

Fun to climb.

Even better when the clouds cooperate.

Pilot Rock Cloudscape

We have a series of storms approaching this week.  Hopefully this scene is covered in snow by the end.