Dune Flight

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to sit and just be, for just a short time, at a location that, 20 years ago, was my place to go and just be.

Luckily it’s a state park and it hadn’t changed much in those two decades.

It was great to have the quiet place all to myself.  All to myself, at least in a human sense.

Dune Flight

The thousands of waterfowl there were taking advantage of the relatively warm winter that kept the ponds almost ice-free.  They made sure it was not quiet.

Those specks at the top of the frame are some of the birds.  Full size, there are a lot of them in this image.  Or, as Goddess and I would say, there are a lot of dinners in this image.

The ones in the air are circling, ready to set down on the pond and join the thousands that were already paddling around.  You can see the scout dead-center, framed by the clouds, as it dropped down ahead of the flock to make sure everything was safe.  But here they are safe.  And we’re glad that they can have this sanctuary.

Here’s a full-sized crop from just right of top center:

Dune Flight Crop
Dune Flight Crop

Lots of dinners.

Bruneau Dunes State Park, Owyhee County, Idaho.

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