Same Procedure as Every Year

Unlike last year, where we had a front row seat to the shenanigans in Cologne, Germany, Goddess and I will be sitting in a quiet house, watching as the next round of 4-6″ of snow falls. No riot police for us this year.

While we lived in Germany, we were introduced to a curious NYE tradition, the annual showing of a TV skit from 1963 called  “Dinner for One“, or more accurately Der 90. Geburtstag. Starting at around dinner time, the skit gets 20 or more showings on various TV channels until midnight.

It’s a fun tradition. Just not one where you should try to keep up with James.

Happy New Year, everyone!


This photo has become a tradition for this blog on each Christmas Eve since 2010. This ornament is appropriate, as it was spied that year hanging in a vendor’s booth at the Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria.

I do believe I missed last year, but we were busy traveling the world. Goddess and I spent the first half of this year continuing those travels, spending time with friends and family all over the world.  We’ve settled down for a spell to see how that suits us.

Know that our wish for you is to have a peaceful end of the calendar year adhering to whatever practices bring you comfort and joy.

Hopefully you will find a bit of relaxation in there too.

Christmas Eve Globe Lights Ornament by Bill Anders Photography

White Sands Moonset

We’ve been quite busy here at the homestead.

But not so busy that I couldn’t chisel out some time to catch opening day, a powder day, at one of the local ski resorts. Less than an hour, door to door. A brilliant day of rediscovering my boarding legs for the season.

This isn’t a picture of that day.

Moonset, White Sands National Monument

Hopefully the last weeks of autumn (for those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere) are treating you well.

Autumn Tree Line

Boardman Tree Farm, Morrow County, Oregon

A fantastic tree farm full of beautiful Pacific Albus, easily accessible off of the highway, which also makes it very popular for photographers, regardless of the season.

Unfortunately, it was recently sold and is already being turned into plots for potatoes, like the field in the foreground.

So if you are in the Pacific Northwest and want to catch a glimpse of its beauty, you better hurry.  The news reports state that it will take years to clear the trees, as each plot will be allowed to grow to commercial viability.  But once they are gone, they are gone.

Shasta Flare

Mount Shasta, California, on a crisp autumn afternoon last month.

I had already captured quite a few images of the mountain a few miles back on the highway.  Then I caught a glimpse of this plane as I was driving.  Luckily there was a pull-out up ahead and we’re glad that we have functional anti-lock brakes.  Most importantly, I’m glad that I have an understanding Goddess.

Pink Peak

“Hi, I’m Bill and I don’t have much patience.”

Except when there’s a camera in front of me and I’m waiting for the right light.  Then I’ll find something deep inside that keeps me rooted, long past the time when most others would give up.

This was a morning of waking up hours before sunrise, covered in frost, then walking the next dune over to get into position.  The full moon dropping towards the western horizon, the skies to the east gradually turning pink.

Then the hope of direct sunlight.

Ignoring the view over the mountains to the east, focused on the dune top to the north.

Catching one of those very few seconds where the light hit everything just right.  Not too much, not too little.

Just right.


Patience.  I should really try it more often.

With the holidays upon us, regardless of which holidays you observe, it has been a long time since I have run a special on my photographs.

If you are looking for new art to adorn your walls, might I recommend a metallic finished photo?  The finish really makes those photographs pop off the paper.  Goddess and I have everything from 4×6″ to 24×36″ prints of this finish and it continues to amaze us.

Just use the coupon code HOLIDAYS2016 at Bill Anders Photo and receive 20% off your pre-shipping order total.  No limits to the number of orders, but this is only valid through December 31, 2016.

Thank you for your constant viewing and comments.  I do appreciate each and every one of you.


Enjoying the post-sunset colors at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.

Taken a year ago, returning to that spot where she said yes so many years before that have led to many days like today.  And she still puts up with me, including waking up the next morning with a heavy layer of frost coating our sleeping bags.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you, my Goddess!