Curtain Call

Time to blow the dust off this joint.  Time to pull back the curtain and expose some light.

Lots of photos in the queue from the past six months.  Not as many as I had originally hoped from my tour in Afghanistan, but a few will find there way here from time to time.

I’ve been home with Goddess for the past three weeks.  Almost all of that time has been focused on her, as it should be.  I did take a week to head off for a professional development course in the Alps, but otherwise it’s been all her.  As it should be.

Slowly you’ll be able to figure out at least some of our travels together as we continue our quest to eat and drink our way across Europe.

Arena di Verona.  Verona, Italy.

4 thoughts on “Curtain Call”

  1. So Glad to hear you are back safely. Even better to hear that Goddess is getting all your attention. Looking forward to your posts, but in the meantime, enjoy life!

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