Clearing Dusk

I do love the expanse of the desert west.  Folks unfamiliar with it think that it’s empty.  But the truth is that they haven’t figured out how to see it.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a change of scenery.

After leaving US 395 and turning east onto US 20 to head through eastern Oregon, the scenery does change as the highway follows the canyon containing the Malheur River.

I was lucky enough to hit the stretch in late afternoon as a storm was clearing.  It was a bit dicey, with large patches of ice on the winding road and fairly heavy truck traffic.  But I came around the corner, saw this, glanced up the upcoming lane, swerved and managed to stick the car directly in the only firm patch of shoulder that this part of the road had to offer.

It was a great opportunity.

Clearing Dusk

The colors were quite unique, soft because of the cloud cover and setting sun, plus a nice coating of frost on everything.

It looked almost unnatural.

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