Goddess loves me.

She truly, truly loves me.


Why else would she tolerate this stuff? 

A bit of cajoling, but no begging.


And you’ll notice that there’s a new race listed to the left.

Run Under the Stars, aka RUTS.


Now you might think that this is just another race.  Which it might have been, if not for the timing. 

You see, it’s overnight on 30 May.  Smack dab in the middle of some very, very, very busy weeks.

In the two weeks prior to the race, we’ll have our house completely packed up and moved.  Then the house must be cleaned and vacated.  Son graduates and moves on with his life.  So when race day comes, Goddess and I will already be living in a hotel.  And two days after the race is over, we’ll be on a plane to Germany.

So like I said, Goddess truly, truly loves me.


You can click on the pic above to go to the race page, put on by the same great folks that put on the 60K Land Between the Lakes Trail Run.  But I’ll save you a bit of time.  Here’s the description of the race course:

“Carson Park Horse Track, Paducah, KY, is a certified 1/2 mile track composed of dirt and finely crushed limestone. It is groomed daily and will be set up with a 1/2 inch cushion to make it easy on your legs. The track drains well and does not get sloppy, even in the event of rain. Every two hours we will change direction to make up for the slight banking of the track. This lighted jewel is flat, and contains no trip hazards.”

Now that’s an exercise in mental toughness.  Ten hours of going around in circles.  Overnight, when I should be asleep. 

Except this one is flat and soft. 

Should be.

Could be.

May be.

A distance PR.


And since it will finish Sunday morning, that means something else entirely.  It’s the last Sunday of the month, which means that the local brew-pub puts on a “Run for Beer” 5K in the afternoon.  A hilly 5K, followed by a free pint of beer.  But only after a little nap.

What a great way to end our stay in Kentucky.

(oops, probably should have clued Goddess in to that part of the plan before posting it to the interweb.)

4 thoughts on “RUTS”

  1. Hey, if I had a partner that was taking me to Germany then I would let them do pretty much whatever they like. Including running around on a Hamster Wheel kinda race all night long if thats what they wanted to do. Enjoy!

  2. I think you actually planned it right. See, this way – she’ll read the post. If she’s upset, you’ll hear about it instantly. If she’s not upset, then it’s like a hidden signal to then ‘officially’ ask her. Kinda like a underground system.

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