CMM 2009

Just a quick post.  Family’s in town and lots of things going on right now, so the race report will wait.

Let’s just say it was freakin’ hot.  The temperature at the 7am start was right around 70F (21C) and it just got hotter from there.  By noon, it was 86F (30C) with a gusty southerly wind of 12-25mph.  All week long I knew that it was to be a run of survival, although I was still motivated to break four hours.  That didn’t happen.  But I’m still quite pleased with the results, considering the conditions.

Finished in 4:32:20, less than three minutes slower than last year’s edition, which was overall 20F (11C) cooler.



Even with the heat, I was on track through the half marathon to negative split and break four hours.  But even then I already knew it wasn’t going to happen.  I was OK with that.

Lots of folks took rides in ambulances.  The heat was taking its toll.  Unfortunately, a 25-year old Soldier collapsed and died after finishing the half-marathon, but they are saying it wasn’t heat related, but a “cardiac event”.

Damn shame.

6 thoughts on “CMM 2009”

  1. Cardiac events really liven up the day, don’t they?
    Good job toughing out the day there Mr. Bill. Few of us would have survived that kind of heat especially this early in the season. Good on ya.

  2. What can you do? The external elements are going to be the greatest challenge. It’s how we deal with those external challenges that say the most about us as athletes. You were amazing and should be very pleased with how you handled the situation, instead of being concerned about the time you finished in. I thought about you this morning when I saw the temps at 5am MY time and couldn’t believe how hot it was going to be out east.

    Congrats for staying tough!

  3. I was out watching a 10 mile race this weekend and noticed how much slower people’s times were. I can only imagine the impact of extreme heat on a marathon. Congrats a great build up to the race and a well executed race, considering everything else you had to deal with.

  4. I couldn’t have imagined running that long in that heat so early in the season (without adaptation), I had a rough time on a short five miler. Very impressive time you tossed up there!


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