I don’t have any firsthand images.

Mostly because I had too much respect.

And I was a bit scared.

Yep, I was.

But there is something about traveling the back alleys of Tokyo at 3am that would allow some of these experiences.

An opportunity provided by working shifts.

And an opportunity to create images such as Anton Kuster.

Here’s a Tedx presentation by Anton.

Which, at first blush, seems to be very ADHD.

But, as he says “there’s a tremendous amount of luck, but there’s your life…”

Listen.  And observe.

Listen.  And watch.

Once you get past the nervousness of the presentation.  The nervousness of the topic.  The nervousness of making sure Anton presents the honor of the topic.

You’ll be good.

Absolutely some of the most amazing 220 pages.

The most amazing smelling 220 pages.

Of a great photography book that I own.  A book that sold out one month and four days after release.

And I’ve owned it for two years now.

Full of images and rice paper pages that speak to me.

So get the second edition.

And I would take the honor and the work of the Yakuza over many of the governments that rule the world right now.