Tonight was the local Zombie Walk.

From the looks of things, it was quickly put together on short notice.  But no matter.  Kudos to the organizer for spending the time to pull it off.

Goddess and I, after a busy day, decided to head downtown to get a look.  We walked to the main street and headed towards the meeting point.  About halfway, we realized that we were almost in the middle of the small turnout.  Mostly kids with their parents, some teens, a smattering of adults.  Walking way too fast for zombies, but enjoying themselves nonetheless.

This young lady zombie relished her role.






Sorry, but often a single word will get a song stuck in my head.  Blasted Blink 182.  But a fun karaoke song.

And now it’s stuck in your head too.

You’re welcome.

This is a full-service blog.


Anyway – watching.  Goddess and I love to watch people.  One of the greatest free activities to do anywhere that won’t get you arrested.  Sometimes, if someone is around long enough, we may even make up a story about them and their current situation.  It can be fun.  It’s often funny.  Probably rarely rooted in reality.

But then we also love to watch people watch people.

Like this guy:

Cartier Watcher


What’s his story?  Who knows.  We didn’t bother hanging around long enough to think about it.  But he was fun to watch watching people.

And he liked his ladies.

Goddess even pointed out a very lovely lady that walked right past us.  I only caught a glimpse because I was too busy watching him swivel-neck to watch her.

That was four frames before this one.

Eight frames total shot watching this guy watching people, because memory is cheaper than film.  All good, but this was my favorite.  A lot of activity, but the balance of all of the elements really knocks my socks off.

Just try to keep yours eyes still.

Just try.

Then come up with your own story.

And share below.