Temple Maple


Autumn.  Trees.  Crispness.


Temple Maple

That’s right, Kyoto.

Our favorite Thanksgiving experience ever.

November, 2005.

So good that every year at this time, Goddess starts perusing airline tickets to see if we can get back there.

But it’s pricey.  At least the memories are priceless.


It’s painful to watch the images pouring in from Japan.

A country that I’ve lived in a total of nine years so far.  Each in distinctly different phases of my life.

A country that continues to touch me in such a way that if an opportunity was presented that I could live the rest of my days there, I wouldn’t hesitate.

But really, I can’t describe the thoughts and feelings right now any better than our dear friend Beth Welliver.  Click on her name for pictures and words.

Her post inspired me to go back and look at some of the many thousands of images I have from Japan.

They all make me smile.

And this one encapsulates it all.

Help if you can.

Mr President

Only one word – Awesome.

Mr Lincoln

Snapped while taking a quick evening jaunt around just a few of the memorials.

To all of my friends in the DC area, sorry I couldn’t visit.  There just wasn’t any time.  From wheel’s up in Germany to touchdown was only 68 hours.  That may seem like a lot, but when you subtract 15 hours of flight time, work, etc., the only chance would have been the midnight-4am window.  But sleep was necessary too.  For all of us.

Even before this trip, Goddess and I had discussed a two-week visit to the area just so we can take in all of the sights.  But that will have to wait until after I retire.


Byzantine Cross

Russian Orthodox Church, Vienna, Austria.

Found while roaming the back alleys, well off the beaten tourist path.

Directly across the street from the Iranian Embassy.