Mayan Mask

I may have needed a mask today.

Today was an interesting day of sinus pressure, unlike anything I’ve had in the last decade.  But very similar to prior to my having a sinus rebuild 10 years ago.

That put a damper on a day of what was some of the most gorgeous mid-day light we’ve had here in a long time.

It’s quite seasonal, actually.  So the last time we had light like this, it was a year ago.

It’s when the sun dips to the south and reaches only 25 degrees above the horizon at its zenith.

And that means we pretty much have the golden hour for the next 4-5 months.  Assuming we aren’t overcast.

I really wanted to get out and capture it, but as I was getting my gear ready, I was reduced to a heap on the floor.

So Goddess was smart and directed me to rest.  Which I did.

And it helped.

She’s smart like that.

So instead we’ll have to dig into the archives, although not too far back.

Mayan Mask