Standing Out/Standing Alone

It has been a busy, busy several weeks.

Although there is no need for the end to be in sight.

But amongst all the turmoil, this image really speaks to me.

In many different ways.


Thanks to my VALS for helping out with this, which was one of many shots that were nothing more than test shots, working out lighting theories and concepts.

In a cold, pouring, steady rain.

As always, she was a trooper.

Which is one of the many, many reasons why she is Goddess.


…in the act.


Dang sneaky people.

Note that the umbrella is to protect the camera.  Not me.

A beautifully dreary, rainy afternoon in the Alps.  It was about +08C (49F) with a steady rain.  The lake water was warmer than the air, so I did not mind stepping in to get the tripod just right.