Poppy Pop

Like the photo of the iris that I posted on Mother’s Day, this image of a California Poppy is an outtake.

Not that it’s a bad photo.

It certainly piqued my interest enough that a lovely 10×10″ metallic print arrived in the mail today.

But it’s a work in progress, a piece of a personal project that I’m working towards.  One that I’ll eventually share with you.

Poppy Pop

This poppy is one of several hundred that are in our yard right now.  Unfortunately they are starting to lose their petals, as are the iris.

That’s not too much of a bother, since the summer flowers are starting to show their potential in the beds.  But I won’t be focusing on them.  The warmth of the valleys is starting to extend up into the mountains, so I’m starting my wildflower chase.  Luckily the wildflower season is long here, often extending into August in the high meadows.

It’s really just a good excuse to get into the back country.

And while these poppies will always be one of my favorites, I’m hoping to find some new ones this year.

What flowers are your favorites?


Tulip Curve

We do enjoy opening the front door and seeing this, just a small portion of the tulip blooms in the yard.

The colors are nice, but I find more joy in the shapes and lines.

Tulip Curve

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