Koosah Falls Detail

Well that was a string of desert photos.  I’m not done yet, but it’s time for a break.

Perhaps it should be considered a teaser from this weekend’s trip.

A waterfall on the lee-side of the Cascades.

Koosha Falls Detail

Koosha Falls is one of three major falls on the McKenzie river in Linn County, Oregon.  It is a beautiful place and I hope to get back there in better conditions.

It was too damn sunny!

So if the falls weren’t blown out, then the trees would be.

Of course, I could have taken the easy route and spit out one of those ghastly HDR images.

But that’s not me.

So instead it was time to focus on the details.  Which I love.

My favorite part of this image is that fine narrow fall to the left, landing on the rock below, splitting and continuing its path into the river.

Fine as wine.

Of course, there are so many details in the moss and rocks that are just as intriguing.

Anyway, this fall typically runs 64 feet (19.5 meters).  During high flow in spring, perhaps as high as 70 feet (21.3 meters).  As we were looking at it, I wondered out loud to Goddess – “I wonder if anyone has run it”.  But immediately dismissed that idea, since the best line, just outside image frame right, would be the left side of the falls (as the kayaker approaches).  However, that side of the fall lands very hard on a very large boulder, sending spray everywhere.

I quickly dismissed the idea.

Boy, was I wrong – click here to read (and see) an attempt.

My hat off to those that tackle big water.