Last Thursday Goddess and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.

I did have to work (see previous post).

But luckily we got done early.  So instead of heading home, Goddess and I drove east into Austria and spent the better part of a week in Vienna.  The drive was only a few hours, so we got checked in and settled by 2 pm.

And in European fashion, we started celebrating with some snacks and wine.



After that it was time to go find some dinner.

We needed the fuel for the next four full days of non-stop touristische adventure.

Those that have toured with us know that we aren’t afraid of a bit of walking.  All day long.  Typically 12-13 hours from the time we leave the hotel until we walk back in.  Interspersed with a stop for lunch (to include local beverage), a mid-day snack (to include local beverage) and dinner (to include local beverage).  Although this trip we skipped lunch quite a few times.

We discussed our tendency to eat and drink our way across any city we visit.

But what better way to get to know the culture than to find some hole in the wall down some side alley, sit for a bit and watch the world go by?

Vienna’s perfect for doing just that.  And with the city laid out the way it is, it’s easy to hit all of the major attractions by walking.  But while we take a quick look at the major attractions, we prefer to experience the real city.

In those four days, we nooked every nook and crannied every cranny that Vienna had to offer.  But unlike Venice, where we got looks of “What in the world are you doing back here?  The tourists are over that way”, we never ran across that in Vienna.

The best part?  Well, other than celebrating 10 wonderful years with Goddess.  We hit town smack dab in the middle of Gans season.

That’s Goose season for you Yankees.

Goose is served in the restaurants for only 10 days each year, from early- to mid-November.  Paired with an excellent wine or one of the many great local beers, goose graced our plates more than a few times.  More often the Vienna’s signature dish – wienerschnitzel.  And no, I’m not talking about Der Wienerschnitzel, the hot dog and burger chain spread across the southwestern US.

Hopefully we ate enough goose that they’ll consider doing it again next year.  ;^)