Another waterfall image, this time of Proxy Falls, found deep in the Three Sisters Wilderness, next to the McKenzie Highway in Oregon.  Just 10 miles or so from this image, which you might recall.

What makes this fall unique is that after it pours a hundred feet or so down the side of a mountain, the water collects in a pool.

There is no visible outlet to the pool.

It all drains through the bottom of the collecting pool, only to reappear several hundred yards down the mountain.

It is an amazing phenomenon to ponder, especially realizing how many hundreds of gallons pour over these rocks every minute.



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Lava Fields

One thing that I think is impressing Goddess the most about living out here is how varied the landscape can be in just a short amount of time.

While driving on McKenzie Highway, just a few minutes out of dense forest, we ran across this view of Oregon’s Mount Washington, looking across an ancient lava field, complete with what is now a completely dead forest.  Another 20 minutes of driving and we were deep in lush, dense forest again, soon reaching moss and fern surrounded waterfalls.

Lava Fields

Photo details for those interested:  B+W 10-stop Neutral Density filter (ND110),  ISO 50, 30 seconds at f22 (I really need to clean my sensor).