The Shop

It is always good to know where to find the shop.

The Shop

A bit of fun with architecture, shapes and light.

Bellagio, Italy.

Up this alley, or any one of the dozen or so similar alleys, you’ll find myriad coffee and pasta shops.  Gauging by the pics on their walls, George Clooney must be 430lbs by now.


Time for some Weinachtsmarkts!

Our first was two weeks ago in Vienna.  This past week a few local ones have started and they will all be in full swing this weekend, just in time to start the Advent season.

At each market, there’s plenty of shopping to be done.  And since it’s cold, a hot mug of glühwein always hits the spot.

The best part?  No one lets the weather dictate whether or not they get outside.

Goddess and I spent a great Thanksgiving afternoon in the cold, rain mixing with snow, in a small Weinachtsmarkt just down the street from the snow-covered Kiaserdom zu Speyer, which will celebrate its 950th anniversary next year.

And that’s something to hoist the glühwein to.