Man Must Not Separate

Life it just zooming by.


Personal projects.

Other not-so personal projects that are stretching my personal limits.

Good fun.

But some days need some down time.

So Goddess and I headed up to Worms, which is just 40 minutes up the road.  I first visited Worms back in 1999 and was amazed, especially since the city was about to celebrate its 2,000th anniversary.

That put America’s existence into perspective.  We’re just new kids on the block.

Anyway, we headed up to Worms so that Goddess could see it, plus take a walk on the same ground that Martin Luther did, when he was in town in 1521 to defend his 95 Theses before the Diet of Worms.

Definitely a place of courage and world-changing action.

Of course, any large town in Germany has a very large cathedral.  In this case, the Dom zu Worms.  Whenever we see one, Goddess and I will go in, although it’s safe to say, once you’ve seen a dozen…

Here’s a view from behind the simple pulpit on the west side of the cathedral, facing the very ornate, closed to the public, pulpit on the east side.

And this is the shot that made me giddy to get home and look at.  Those make for anxious moments, especially on a long trip, when you aren’t sure it worked out just right, where there’s just a bit of camera shake to ruin things.  That moment when you sigh and move on.

But this one is spot on.

Man Must Not Separate

You can’t see it in this size, but in the original, the second and third lines of each page are tack sharp.

Right where I wanted them to be.

And the words are simple:

“…Was aber Gott verbunden hat
das darf der Mensch nicht trennen…”

Which means:

“…What God has joined together
man must not separate…”

Mark 10:9.

Simple words.  Words that Martin Luther held to be the truth.

And when faced with a church that he felt no longer lived by the truth.

He fought.

Not by the sword, but by the pen.

There is great honor in that.