RIP ’62 Black Corvette

You might have heard about the sinkhole that opened up under the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  If not, click here.

Goddess and I had the chance to visit in 2006 and we were quite impressed with the cars, even though neither one of us really liked them before.

But to learn that this 50 year old beauty is sitting in a hole?  Damn shame.

RIP ’62 Corvette
RIP ’62 Corvette

A sharp-eyed (read that as knowledgeable) reader pointed out that the Corvette in the pictures is a 1954 Corvette, not the 1962 that I was thinking it was.


That’s exactly what happened here.

I loved the lines and saw the perfect portal with which to frame the far merlon.  Everything lined up perfectly and I was happy.

I had no idea there was a flock of pigeons sitting there.

But something spooked them.

And this picture is so much better for it.


Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy.


Time to step away from the Berlin Holocaust Memorial for a bit.

But we’ll go back.

One of the diamonds in Berlin’s museum crown is the Pergamon Museum.

Go ahead.  Read about it.  But come back, ok?

Certainly a place to contemplate.

Like this gentleman.

Deep in thought.

But if you knew how crowded this museum was, especially on this raw, blustery winter day, you’d know that I had but just a brief moment to capture this.

And I couldn’t resist.