McLoughlin Driftwood

Although it’s not quite autumn, we’re getting hints of it here in southern Oregon.

The last few months have been quite crazy for both Goddess and I.  I trained for and rode the annual Seattle to Portland bike ride (200 miles/322km), then jumped right into Bike School.  As soon as I was done with Bike School, Goddess started her schooling.

I’ll leave it up to her to announce what that may be, should she choose.

Knowing that I had but a few weeks before I started the next phase of Bike School, we decided to head to one of the high mountain lakes for a bit of a breather.

She took her books to study, I took my camera.

McLoughlin Driftwood
McLoughlin Driftwood

Here we are at Fourmile Lake, one of the highest lakes in Oregon, sitting at 5,800′.  Up there, it’s autumn.  Unfortunately, it’s all evergreen trees.  I’m hoping for some color.

But after a long, hot summer, the lake water, all from snow melt, is still darn cold.  Just as it should be.

It was a nice break before the weekend, where I spent a morning tackling Mount Ashland, our local mountain, on my bicycle.

Nothing significant, but it can be when the race starts in town (1,800′) and it’s every racer for themselves to the top (6,500′).  For the quick ones, it’s between 1.5 and 2 hours.  For the rest of us, it’s closer to 3 hours.

Most of it suffering.

For all of us.

But when there’s scenery like this around, none of it should be considered suffering.