Tree Farm Sky

Winter’s slowly settling in here in Germany.

It hasn’t got very cold yet, but it’s damp, so it’s making it feel colder than it really is.

Winter here also means fog and grey skies.  A lot of both.

Which I actually like for photography.

Tree Farm Sky

Floral Wheel

I loves me some bikes.

All shapes and sizes.

All types and purposes.

They can be beautiful works of art.

I’m sure owner of the beauty kept a close eye on me.  Even though it was locked.

But it could have been better.


Although the wicker basket was amazing!

Bamberg, Germany.



Sometimes it’s just about shapes.



OK, a lot of lines.

Goes back to a comment made about me several years ago – “Bill is a line whore”.

And I can’t deny that assertion.


Time to step away from the Berlin Holocaust Memorial for a bit.

But we’ll go back.

One of the diamonds in Berlin’s museum crown is the Pergamon Museum.

Go ahead.  Read about it.  But come back, ok?

Certainly a place to contemplate.

Like this gentleman.

Deep in thought.

But if you knew how crowded this museum was, especially on this raw, blustery winter day, you’d know that I had but just a brief moment to capture this.

And I couldn’t resist.

Etz Chaim

Holocaust Memorial aka Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin, Germany.

Etz Chaim is the Jewish interpretation of the Tree of Life.  Very appropriate in this location.

Not quite the composition that I wanted, but there was a wire wastebasket immediately below this frame.  And the basket was firmly bolted to the ground.  So I had to work with what I had.

But at least I had that opportunity.


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Rose Memorial

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany

Holocaust Lines

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany.