Snowy Königstuhl

As I mentioned yesterday, winter showed its face a bit earlier than normal this year.

It was a lovely drive through the highlands of the Rhineland Pfalz, enjoying the snowy carpet.  But we also knew that it would disappear quickly as we dropped down into the Rhine River valley.  And it did.

But the big surprise was, as we crossed the valley and approached Heidelberg, the snowline had dropped low enough that the Odenwald had a nice cap on it too.

That quickly changed our plans.  Actually, I changed our plans and Goddess was gracious enough to go along with it.  Which meant that she dropped me off while she ran the errands solo, then came back to collect me after sunset.

I’m thankful she did.

Snowy Königstuhl

And if you click on the image, it will take you to a page where you can go back and look at the different faces of this scene.

I find the spot quite interesting, changing character with the changing light.

And changing characters.

So is it any wonder that during my weekly run up and along this hill I always have to stop and walk this stretch ?