Cutty Sark Gaze

Roaming through the archives from this past year and have stumbled across many images that I’m now wondering why I passed over for processing soon after I shot them.

Here’s one.

Perhaps it’s because I’m in a much different frame of mind that I was six months ago when I shot this.

Or perhaps not.

Either way, the more I look at his face, the more I wonder what the thoughts were.

And I’m hoping that I will get to be that age.

So I can spend another 30-40 years with Goddess.

Although she says I’m not off the hook for another 60.

I’m good with that.

Cutty Sark Gaze

Aboard the Cutty Sark.  Greenwich, London, England.


It really is a cliché photo.

But a fun one to shoot.

And feeds my symmetry/line beast well.


Tulip Staircase, The Queen’s House, Greenwich, London, England.

On another note, it was interesting to see them building the elevated equestrian stadium for the 2012 Summer Olympics over the field directly behind the house.