PCT Thru-Hike Sponsorship

Great news!

Goddess and I have been picked up on a sponsorship for our thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) next year.

The primary sponsor is Yama Mountain Gear, run by Gen Shimizu out in Charlottesville,  Virginia.  Gen makes ultra-light shelters and bags, which will help cut my weight by a couple of pounds.

That’s the deal – I carry the house, Goddess carries the kitchen.

Gen is working hard to get other companies on board, which is nice.  But for us, the most important part of the sponsorship is personal access to mentors, folks that have been doing this for a long time.  It turns out that one of them even lives a few miles away.  It will be good to pick their brains as we prepare.

If you’re wondering why that’s the most important part for us – have you ever asked a question on social media in a group of several hundred people?

There’s your answer.

If you’re curious about our thoughts on this, we both have profile pages on the team site:



Yep, for those of you that don’t know, Goddess’ name is really Jennifer.  But on this page (and in real life) she is and will always be Goddess.

Here we are together:

Part of our responsibility with this sponsorship is to do some fundraising for the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA).  You’ll likely remember several of my posts from this past summer where I was out working on the trail with the PCTA.  Next year we can’t work on the trail, but we can do our part by helping fundraise.

I know it’s a tough time of year for everyone.  Especially since it seems that everyone is putting a hand out.  But this fundraiser will go all the way through 2015, so please don’t feel any pressure to act immediately.

However, if you are looking for another opportunity for a tax write off this year (and again next year), here’s your chance since the PCTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Online fundraising for Bill and Jennifer Anders fundraising for the PCTA with mYAMAdventure

As you can see, a couple of folks got a bit antsy (you know who you are), not wanting to wait until the announcement.  That’s awesome!  And Thank You!

I’ll keep you updated as we get closer to the hike.  It’s hard to believe that in just over 100 days we’ll be starting this adventure.

Merced Float

What an idyllic way to spend the day.

In church.

Nature’s cathedral.

I think that Goddess now understands what I’ve been saying all these years.

Floating on the Merced River with Upper Yosemite Falls in the background

I must say that the vibrant greens in the valley that day were almost ridiculous.  I actually pulled them back a bit in this image, as well as the others I shot that day.  They were just so garishly neon-like that it looks unbelievable.

Even though that’s the way it was.

Have you been?


On a blanket with my baby

Is where I’ll be.


Actually, this pier comes to an acute point right behind me.

That’s where Goddess was.  Pressed tightly into the corner with my camera bag shoved sharply into her back.

Pushing her as far into the corner as she would go without protesting too loudly.

I needed the space to get both sides of the pier into the frame with room to spare.

Goddess didn’t have any.

She’s a trooper.

Bellagio Point

Just two minutes later, as the ferry approached the dock, here’s the view towards the north, opposite yesterday’s post.

This one has perhaps a bit more depth.

OK, actually a lot more, extending all the way to the snow-blanketed mountains in the distance.

That makes it Goddess’ favorite of the two.

Bellagio Point

Bellagio Point

Which one is yours?

Swirling Forest

Shot from the same location as Backlit Oak.

I just rotated about 60 degrees to my left.

What a difference in lighting.

Swirling Forest

Especially since the clouds were backlit, with a mountain further in the background to give that lovely blue-green tone.

I  could have stood there and watched the swirls for hours.  Well, at least until the light ran out.

But Goddess was staying warm back in the car.

Which is also where I left my coat.

Yep, I said it

"Nicely Screwed" by nataliej

I was just reminded of something I said a few weeks ago.

It was an observation.  But like many of the observations I make, I somehow end up with my foot in my mouth.

Much like Steve, the poor sap in the cereal commercial who mentions to his wife that she must be trying to lose weight because of the low-calorie cereal she was eating.

I was hosed from the start.

Goddess and I were out clothes shopping for her.  To give you an idea what an event this is, I typically have to drag her into a clothes store to even just browse.  To actually get her to buy something is quite an accomplishment.

So she found some shirts that she liked, so I was looking through the racks for similar shirts that she may like.  She had mentioned that the shirts seemed to be running  a bit larger than the labeled size.  That was my trap.

I tied the ever-expanding waist line of America into the observation.

With this gem –

“Looks like they’re making the medium’s larger to make the fat people feel better about themselves”.

Any guesses on who was holding a medium shirt?