Iris Outtake

With our many iris in full bloom around the yard, it’s time for me to work on a couple of personal projects while they are still viable.

This treatment won’t make a final product, but I sure do like it.

Full size, it may just make a nice print for the wall.

Iris Outtake

This iris, in all its glory, is worthy of a bouquet to Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms.

Tulip Curve

We do enjoy opening the front door and seeing this, just a small portion of the tulip blooms in the yard.

The colors are nice, but I find more joy in the shapes and lines.

Tulip Curve

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BAP-Spring14As always, I do appreciate your support.


Floral Wheel

I loves me some bikes.

All shapes and sizes.

All types and purposes.

They can be beautiful works of art.

I’m sure owner of the beauty kept a close eye on me.  Even though it was locked.

But it could have been better.


Although the wicker basket was amazing!

Bamberg, Germany.