It has been a bit over 24 hours since we got the news that Ezra Caldwell, artisan of Fast Boy Cycles, succumbed to his battle with cancer.  An on- and off- and on-again battle that’s lasted six years.

It was a rough notification here at the house, as Goddess and I have been following Ezra’s story for more than a few years now.

RIP Ezra Caldwell aka Fastboy

Click on the image to open a video about Ezra.  It is well worth the 12 minutes of your time.

Some of you will recognize the photo on the left.  It’s the same one that I had framed in my office as a simple reminder to keep myself grounded and centered.  It hangs in my garage now, within sight of all of the bike tools that I need to work on bicycles, beneath the full-sized frame drawings of the frames that I built this past year.

My last interaction with Ezra was this past December, after I had finished building my titanium mountain bike.  As Ezra was an inspiration for me to learn to build a bicycle, in my mind I always called that bike “Fast Boy”.  A snippet of our conversation says it all:

“And yes.. It really is an amazing feeling to throw your leg over something that YOU built and ride it and have it WORK.. It feels like magic. And the cool thing is – That feeling doesn’t go away. I STILL get that.

All my best, e.”

Our hearts and thoughts are with Hillary, Putney (their dog) and family as they get through this, a period of what has to be mixed emotions.

For me, now it’s even more of a reason to find/build a frame worth of the Fast Boy Brooks Saddle that I have in a box here at the house.  It was Ezra’s wish that the saddle not be a show piece, but a saddle on a working bike.

This is the saddle.  Mine is brown.

Fast Boy Brooks Saddle

Building a working bike? It’s the least I can do.

I hope I can live up to it.

(click on the pic of the saddle and you can watch a compressed video of Ezra prepping a frame for brazing).