CA Poppies

Goddess and I are quite thankful that the previous tenants of this house had a green thumb.  Since we’ve moved in, we’ve enjoyed the fruits of their labor, even while we’re working hard on the things that they neglected (parts of the lawn, an old raised worm bed, etc.).

First were the tulips, which have now all dropped their petals.

Then came the iris’.  We’ve got white and purple petals showing all over the yard.

And of course, there are the blasted dandelions.  Although I don’t enjoy those quite as much as the tulips and iris, even if they are pretty up close.

The surprise, which is a blow-over from the neighbors yard, are these California poppies.

Always one of my favorites.

California Poppies

These just happen to be next to our driveway.

We’re looking forward to these going to seed.  I’ll get as many as I can, then spread them in other areas.

Just because they are pretty.  And they catch the sunlight perfectly.


One of the reasons that we’ve moved out to Oregon is for the dry climate.  I’ve suffered with horrible sinus issues for the past 18 years, starting as soon as I moved out of the desert.  Trips back to different deserts over the years saw those issues all but disappear.  That has been true here, even though there is a blanket of pollen coating every outside surface.

It’s been great to feel human again!