With a couple of projects in the works that are taking up quite a bit of time, I’m going to have to focus on a different project for you all this month.  I’ll give some details on the other projects later this month.

It’s a bit of fun, looking back at photos I’ve taken in the month of September over the years.  Well, at least the digital years.  I’d really have to do some digging into the negatives and log books to determine which analogue photos were taken in September, but that kind of defeats the purpose.  So we’ll stick to the last 9 years or so.

That means that some of you will recognize some of these photos but a large majority of you will not.  So it’s fun for me to hear new thoughts on images I was producing years ago.


Cosmos in Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa, Japan, a suburb of Tokyo.  We loved that park.  Every season had a season-appropriate garden display; spring had tulips, autumn had cosmos and other plants.  We’d walk for hours and enjoy the different views.

Unfortunately, our cosmos in the yard aren’t giving a showing quite as nice as these.  It has been a dry summer, even with irrigation.

This photo was taken on September 19th, 2005.  I haven’t reprocessed it since then.  I think it stands on its own as originally presented.

What are your thoughts?