Whelping Day #9

Today is the ninth anniversary of the day our old man was born.

This portrait was taken a year ago, on his eighth.  It was a very hot summer day in Germany, but we were able to find some respite in the forest.

Happy Whelping Day

He looks the same, although with a few more grey hairs.

But don’t we all?

Baby Momma

Goddess and I are slowly getting the house in order.  But right now we are more focused on the yard and the garden.

I was lucky to get this shot of what we call a “Baby Momma”, since this leads to a yard full of dandelions.  We will not win the war, but we fight the battle every day.

And joke about how attacking the dandelions is like an addiction.

Baby Momma


It’s the beginning of a long weekend, finishing with Christmas and Boxing Day.

Perhaps a day of work before starting another long weekend.

We’ll decide later when the end of that weekend will be.

So it’s time to grab the coats and get out there.


Augustiner Brauhaus, Innsbruck, Austria.

Enjoy your holidays, whichever ones you choose to observe.