Lots and lots of schnee (snow), whether you are here in Europe, on the east coast of the US or facing the greatest avalanche danger ever recorded in Colorado.

Lots of schnee.

But until it’s damaging, it’s absolutely beautiful.  I love it.  Even when I’m having to spend two hours shoveling.

This past Tuesday, looking down at the village of Colmberg, Germany from the overlook at the Colmberg Castle.

Here at home, this same storm dumped 5″ of snow, which promptly melted off.  And made room for the new 5″+ that fell on Christmas Eve.

The same snow that will make tomorrow’s bicycle commute to work very entertaining.


One of the things that I love about Germans (and Europeans in general) is that they get out and do things.

Even if the weather is what some, if not many, would consider horrible.

Last winter I was out on a 20 mile run through the snow, on a day when the high reached only +8°F (-13°C), and the forest and trails were packed with people of all ages, out to get their walk in, or slide along on their cross-country skis.

But these two were out on a day when it was 34°F (+1°C), rain mixed with snow.

And she was looking quite bright.  OK, at least her umbrella was.

BTW, this was Thanksgiving day.  A gloomy, rainy Thursday.

A day that Goddess and I were thankful to share, exploring the Weinachtsmarkt and side alleys of Speyer.

Sharing glüwein, bratwurst and laughs.