Up (and down)

Got in a nice run at work today.  I’ve found a new favorite run.  Short but sweet.

Here’s the profile:

Running Heidelberg, Germany 6-15-2009, Elevation - Distance

If you read the scales right, you see that it’s 320’ of elevation gain in .17 mile (35.6% grade).  The way to get that was by going up about 540 steps.  It’s quite a quad-buster that turns the legs to Jell-O.

Afterwards it’s a nice descent down soft dirt trails, including some pretty brutal switchbacks.  If you notice that sharp drop at about 1.37 miles, that’s a nasty, nasty stretch of the trail that’s paved, then drops down about ten steps right onto a street.  Not too comfortable on the legs.

All told, just under two miles.  But I already see multiple laps up the stairs and down the switchback, now that I know the route and can plan for it.