The days have been quite warm, reaching the mid-70’s fahrenheit.  But being in the transition between the temperate coastal regions and the high desert, we still get quite cool in the morning.

Matter of fact, our last freezing temperature, on average, isn’t for another month.

Those cool nights mean that Skinny wears his pajamas.

Greyhounds have little body fat, you know.



Hey folks.  Long time, no see.

Sorry about that.

But in the past six weeks, a lot has changed in the house.  As in the house has moved.  Not completely yet, but it is in the process.  A very important piece, a new house, has yet to be found.  But we’re working on it.

As you may have surmised, we are no longer in Germany.  Nor are we in Europe.

Instead, a small town in southern Oregon, which is quite a change from Germany and Europe.  On so many different levels.

Part of the draw for me to the area is scenery like this:

Shasta Sunrise
Shasta Sunrise

I am quite keen on the landscape of the west.

So the posts will slowly start increasing in frequency again.  And the photos will improve in quality once I get away from this laptop and I have my computer back.

BTW, the peak poking over the top of the clouds is Mount Shasta (14,179 feet or 4,322 m), soon after sunrise, looking southeast.

Yesterday, in the hours before sunset (a long day of driving and many hours after this photo was taken), Goddess and I could see the peak from some 140 miles (225 km) south.

It’s a big rock.

See you soon.

Mayan Mask

I may have needed a mask today.

Today was an interesting day of sinus pressure, unlike anything I’ve had in the last decade.  But very similar to prior to my having a sinus rebuild 10 years ago.

That put a damper on a day of what was some of the most gorgeous mid-day light we’ve had here in a long time.

It’s quite seasonal, actually.  So the last time we had light like this, it was a year ago.

It’s when the sun dips to the south and reaches only 25 degrees above the horizon at its zenith.

And that means we pretty much have the golden hour for the next 4-5 months.  Assuming we aren’t overcast.

I really wanted to get out and capture it, but as I was getting my gear ready, I was reduced to a heap on the floor.

So Goddess was smart and directed me to rest.  Which I did.

And it helped.

She’s smart like that.

So instead we’ll have to dig into the archives, although not too far back.

Mayan Mask

October 27th

Today was quite a day.

Not only for an event integral to world history, but for the way that winter slid into Germany.

Mind you, we typically cool down quite nicely in late October.

But to wake up to snowfall that was very widespread is a different story.

We’re glad for it.

Luckily Goddess and I got to drive through the highlands, where the snow was sticking.

October 27, 2012