Pilot Rock Cloudscape

The rock is a nice rock.

Fun to climb.

Even better when the clouds cooperate.

Pilot Rock Cloudscape

We have a series of storms approaching this week.  Hopefully this scene is covered in snow by the end.

Smoky Mountains

No, not those Smoky Mountains.

Although by the time you are reading this, we aren’t too far from them.  We just won’t have a chance to visit.

But first, THANK YOU to all that participated in my summer sale!  By now all of the prints have shipped and are on their way.  If you’re in the US and haven’t received them by mid-week next week (say 16 July), please let me know so I can track them down.

While the last few images have reached back some 2, 4 and 10 years, this is just a few weeks old.

Smoky Mountains

Nothing like a rainy day in the mountains to make it seem like another planet.


Well, we got the rain that we desperately need.  It started early this morning and continues here at midnight.

Early on I was expecting showers and thunderstorms, but luckily we just got a steady, soaking rain.

Exactly what we need.

At first I was disappointed, hoping to get some good valley shots with the showers and thunderstorms.  I needed another point of view.

Sitting with Goddess today at a local winery, looking at the countryside and reminiscing about living in Europe, the image I wanted popped into mind.  So it was just a matter of making the trip to see if it would happen.

It did.


Pilot Rock, Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Oregon.


Just a gentle reminder about the sale that I have going on.

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I do appreciate your support.