That’s exactly what happened here.

I loved the lines and saw the perfect portal with which to frame the far merlon.  Everything lined up perfectly and I was happy.

I had no idea there was a flock of pigeons sitting there.

But something spooked them.

And this picture is so much better for it.


Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy.

Byzantine Cross

Russian Orthodox Church, Vienna, Austria.

Found while roaming the back alleys, well off the beaten tourist path.

Directly across the street from the Iranian Embassy.


Time for a (small) break from Weinachtsmarkt posts.

Goddess and I are not the typical tourists.  Sure, we’ll check out the major sights of a town or city, but often those are quick visits as we move on.  And unless we need to move quickly from one side of a city to another, rarely do we take the public transportation.

There’s too much to learn about a city by walking the side streets.  Especially if they are the streets that only the locals typically see.

Plus, it satisfies my need to look for details and patterns.  I’m touched that way.

In a Rain Man sort of way.

Even better if the details and patterns are old.  And part of the decay.  Since it all gives a certain feel and tells a certain story.

A few from Vienna, Austria:


Ghost Home
Framed Window
Red Handrail

I can just imagine the people walking down the missing steps in the last image.

Wondering where they are now.

If they are.