Late Summer Paintbrushes

It was a gorgeous late summer day today.  The kind that you have to take advantage of, since there are so few left.

So Goddess and I grabbed the pooch, walked into town and explored a few of the nooks and crannies that we haven’t looked into during the past few years.  Even though our town is a bit bigger than a village, it offers quite a bit.

Like these pleasant surprises.

A patch of beautiful cosmos bipinnatus, which happen to be my favorite flowers.

Late Summer Paintbrushes

These flowers always make me smile.  There are so many variations to the color and shape and they can, as these did, grow up to my eye level.

Which makes it a lot easier to shoot them.

Another pleasure is the flood of memories that these provide, specifically of Showa Kinen Park, located in Tachikawa near the outskirts of Tokyo.  The park has a small army of gardeners who constantly work the grounds, rotating the flower displays as different flowers come into season.

Every September, hundreds of thousands of cosmos bloom, carpeting the park.  So I spent a lot of time there, shooting these flowers from every possible angle, in every possible light.

Perhaps I need to win the lottery so I can chase them around the world…