While in London, I took any opportunity I could to shoot the two most famous forms of transit – the double-decker buses and the cabs.

Here’s a queue of London cabs with the St Pancras International railway station as a backdrop.


Thanks to Goddess for tolerating me getting this shot.

I originally envisioned it from the balcony of the British National Library, which is behind me in this shot.  Once we were done seeing great world-changing original documents like the Magna Carta and a Gutenberg Bible (complete with an accompanying original Indulgence, two related objects that, through either technology or words, were key to the Protestant Reformation), I drug her down the side street so I could spend the next 20 minutes or so working out several different compositions.

Granted, she enjoyed the sun and 75F (24C) warmth.

But she’s still my Goddess.


It really is a cliché photo.

But a fun one to shoot.

And feeds my symmetry/line beast well.


Tulip Staircase, The Queen’s House, Greenwich, London, England.

On another note, it was interesting to see them building the elevated equestrian stadium for the 2012 Summer Olympics over the field directly behind the house.

New and…New

Just a quick offering from our first night of our UK trip.  Which was spent in London, since that was the easiest (and most reasonable) way to get into the UK from Germany, with the added benefit of…

We’ve never been to London.

So we walked down the street from our hotel, which was just down the street from the Kings Cross railway station for a quick checking of the scene.

Even though all of the businesses (save the pubs and restaurants) were closed, we could still look around.  And here was the view of something new.  And something new.

In the foreground, the modern architecture is the facade of the British Library.

Home of the Magna Carta, as well as an actual Gutenberg Bible (accompanied with an original [fill your name in the blank] Indulgence from the 15th century), originally penned works by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Mozart and absolutely amazing original cartography from the 17th century with surprising detail of the west coast of North and South America.

Think about that.

In the background in the structure of the St Pancras railway station.  Originally built in the 1868, but completely restored in the 2000’s to suit the original design.

Both lit beautifully by the setting sun.

British Library and St Pancras