GlobesWe are marking the first full day of winter today with a grin.  Yesterday was the kick-off for this year’s Winter Solstice offering over on my photography site and it was a good day (thank you everyone!).

But if you’re following via social media sites, they do a fine job of squashing certain posts that contain certain words, especially words that are a single-word representation of an offering of anything at a reduced level of currency.  Why?  Because they want us to pay them to increase viewership of those specific posts to normal levels.  Or pay even more to increase viewership even higher.

If you are looking for a holiday present, it is too late to get it this week, but if you’re looking for a different look on your wall, now is your chance!  Please click on the picture above and you’ll see the code at the top of my website.

Again, thank you all for your support!!!

Winter Solstice Sale

In a few short hours it will be the official winter solstice for those of us north of the equator.

For some that means it’s now the the beginning of a long, dreary winter.  A season to dread.  But not us.  Winter is another great season to get outside, explore and play.

This past Friday was opening day for our local ski mountain.  Goddess and I were able to get more than a few runs in on uncrowded slopes before school let out for the holidays.  And the rain today.

It’s currently raining up on the mountain, on top of the minimal snow.  Hopefully it doesn’t melt the snow and start another rough winter for the mountain, which never opened last winter for the first time in its 50-year history.

Fingers crossed.

As is tradition here on the solstices and equinoxes, I’m offering a sale on my photography.

All products are 20% off (does not apply to shipping costs).  Just enter Winter14 in the coupon field when you are ready to check out.  Just click on the coupon below to start browsing.

BAP - Winter14Thank you so much for your continued support.  I do appreciate you!


It has been quiet around these parts for the past week or so.

Usually I apologize for that, but this time I don’t think that I will, even though I do appreciate my loyal readers.

I really do.

So where was the focus?  My new web site, of which this blog is a part.  Some of you might have even noticed some changes here.

It’s all part of taking my photography a bit more seriously, including delving more into portraiture.

Photo Logo

So please click on the image above (which takes you to, take a look around, kick the tires and leave a comment.  Perhaps buy a print or three.

I even dropped the prices 25% to mark the occasion.


Just click on that coupon and a new window will open.  Browse and pick to your heart’s content, then enter that code upon checkout.  And you’ll be in like Flynn.

If you had browsed my galleries before and think you have seen it all, please look again, especially in the Travel section of my Portfolio.  There are new photos in there.  And quite a few images that I have reworked for one reason or another.

So you might find something different.

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by my littler corner of the sphere.

Samothrace de Como

Inspired after seeing pics from a friend’s visit to the Louvre this past week.

Including a pic of my favorite statue there.

A name, and a story, which fits this image.

Samothrace de Como

I’ve found this to be quite deep, with many different patterns, shapes and thoughts.

Click on the image, let it open full-screen, sit back and ponder.

Lago Mooring

Goddess and I were rushing down the promenade, watching the setting sun’s light play along the mountains in the background.

I had high hopes that the angle would be just right that it would not only highlight the mountain in this image, but the two off frame left (to the north).  Unfortunately, the clouds moved back in and thwarted that image.

Damn shame.

Or not.

Lago Mooring

Menaggio, Lago di Como, Italy.

The Shop

It is always good to know where to find the shop.

The Shop

A bit of fun with architecture, shapes and light.

Bellagio, Italy.

Up this alley, or any one of the dozen or so similar alleys, you’ll find myriad coffee and pasta shops.  Gauging by the pics on their walls, George Clooney must be 430lbs by now.

Bellagio Shoot

Yes, I’ve been absent the past week.  Traipsing through the Italian Alps on skis, working with some comrades from around the world, learning how to assess snow pack and forecast avalanche threats.

Great fun!

Perhaps I’ll post a pic or two later, but I’ve still got to dig back a few weeks.

A shot where I was caught in the act.

Bellagio Bill
Bellagio Bill

Sneaky Goddess.

Como Sunset

Watching the day come to an end is always magical.

Even if, by the clock, it is still mid-afternoon.

Although that does create a different set of emotions than an early summer sunset in late evening.

But enjoying it in the middle of a large body of water, especially surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and architecture?


Como Sunset

I’ll tell you, full sized is amazing!

See that church on the mountain peak just left of center?

I can see clearly through the belfry, with clearly defined edges on both sides.

As well as the individual branches on the tree barely right of center.

That’s the technical geekery for me.

And being thankful for Goddess agreeing to my buying quality the first time, instead of stumbling my way towards quality.

But overall, I just love the tones.

Bellagio Point

Just two minutes later, as the ferry approached the dock, here’s the view towards the north, opposite yesterday’s post.

This one has perhaps a bit more depth.

OK, actually a lot more, extending all the way to the snow-blanketed mountains in the distance.

That makes it Goddess’ favorite of the two.

Bellagio Point

Bellagio Point

Which one is yours?