Darkroom View

A place where I know that I’ll always feel at home.

Even though it’s half a world away.

Darkroom View

I absolutely love the work that comes out of the room that provided this view.

Lots of nuggets here.

How many can you find?


Well, it’s New Year’s Eve.  By the time this is posted, it’s already 2014 in some parts of the world, evening in Europe.

Our German neighbors introduced us to their NYE traditions, and this is one of our favorites, watching Dinner for One.

Goddess and I hope you have a great year!

Snow Puff

As I alluded to in yesterday’s post, we were getting snow.  The rocks that we were standing on to take that photo got somewhere between 15″-20″ of snow overnight.

Down here in the valley, we picked up 6-8″, depending on where you stood.  Walking through the forest at sunrise to get this photo, I pushed through knee deep spots in places.

It sure was nice.  Although I couldn’t see the sun.

It was still snowing, as you can see by the streaks in the photo.

Ashland Creek, Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon

Or you can play with the fake snowflakes on the screen by moving your cursor around.  Make it a gentle snow or make it snow sideways.

But back to real weather, we’ve established a trend.

Other than one short-lived snow day in spring of 2012, this is the first measurable snowfall here in town since 2008.  What’s changed?  Goddess and I are here.  Prior to that, the first winter that we lived in Germany was the worst in 40 years.  The second winter, the worst in 41 years.

Anyone want us to move near them?  The stipulation is that it has to look like here.  And feel like here.

Release Me

Yeah, I know I’ve been pretty quiet around these parts lately.  I’ve been in school the past couple of weeks, building a new bicycle (more on that later).  Those days are long and exhausting, starting right after sunrise and ending after sunset.

That puts a crimp on taking photos.

Plus, Goddess is doing her school work in the evenings and on the weekends, so we’re doing a lot of waving to each other as we pass in opposite directions.  Our schools are less than a block apart from the each other.

So in the evenings, I get home for what may or may not be 45 minutes with her to sit, have dinner and talk about whatever is going on.  Skinny gets fed during that time.

I know, because I see it.

But within two minutes of Goddess leaving for school, he tries to play me like a a kid would.  “Dad, I’m wasting away!  I haven’t been fed for DAYS!”.

It’s like clockwork every night.

He has become quite vocal in his protests.  It’s quite funny.

Although I try to teach him patience, he gets one last bit of dinner.  If I didn’t, we wouldn’t get any sleep.  Actually, Goddess wouldn’t.  I don’t hear Skinny at night.

Here’s a shot from last winter, from our living room in Germany.  Skinny has been served a portion of his dinner.  He’s just waiting to be released to scarf it down.

Release Me!

Truth be told, he does eat better than most humans.

He deserves it.


Today, thanks to social media, we were introduced to this video of our last home, Heidelberg, Germany.

In the middle of the most phenomenal city, chock full of history and character, was a US military community, established after World War II.  That community was why we were there.

But Heidelberg, and the surrounding Germany communities and people, were what made it home for the Goddess and I.

Here is the video.  Goddess and I cannot get through it with a dry eye.  We miss the place and our friends, nay, our family, there that much.

If you don’t watch the video, that’s understandable.  Especially if you don’t have that personal connection.

But trust me, when these are the views on your weekly Monday morning run, the place grows on you.

Heidelberg Dusting, Heidelberg, Germany
Altebrucke Morning, Heidelberg, Germany

To have been lucky enough to live in a town full of history filled with the Hohenstaufen’s, Martin Luther and the Reformation, as well as Mark Twain and the 150 years since, was nothing but a blessing for us.

Visit if you can.

Whelping Day #9

Today is the ninth anniversary of the day our old man was born.

This portrait was taken a year ago, on his eighth.  It was a very hot summer day in Germany, but we were able to find some respite in the forest.

Happy Whelping Day

He looks the same, although with a few more grey hairs.

But don’t we all?


It has been quiet around these parts for the past week or so.

Usually I apologize for that, but this time I don’t think that I will, even though I do appreciate my loyal readers.

I really do.

So where was the focus?  My new web site, of which this blog is a part.  Some of you might have even noticed some changes here.

It’s all part of taking my photography a bit more seriously, including delving more into portraiture.

Photo Logo

So please click on the image above (which takes you to http://billandersphoto.com), take a look around, kick the tires and leave a comment.  Perhaps buy a print or three.

I even dropped the prices 25% to mark the occasion.


Just click on that coupon and a new window will open.  Browse and pick to your heart’s content, then enter that code upon checkout.  And you’ll be in like Flynn.

If you had browsed my galleries before and think you have seen it all, please look again, especially in the Travel section of my Portfolio.  There are new photos in there.  And quite a few images that I have reworked for one reason or another.

So you might find something different.

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by my littler corner of the sphere.

Kornmarkt Madonna

I’ve been posting quite a few landscape pictures lately.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But sometimes a pause, a chance to take a knee, is a good thing.

Kornmarkt Madonna

A view of the Madonna, situated in the middle of the Kornmarkt in Heidelberg, Germany.

A lot of history here.

A lot of memories here.

We do miss living there.


For those of you who have enjoyed the images, you may not realize that I do offer my prints for sale.

Each image is a click-through, meaning if you click on it, it will take you to another site.  For those I think enough of to offer as a print, which are not all of them, it will take you to my web site where you can purchase them and have them delivered directly to you.  Without watermarks.

Since I have not done a very good job of making this known, I’m offering two coupons valid for the rest of July, 2013.  You just have to browse over to my online gallery.

For purchases up to $300 (before shipping), the discount is 15%.  Just use the code 13Summer when checking out.

For purchases above $300 (before shipping), the discount is 20%.  Just use the code 13Summer20 when checking out.

Unfortunately, only one coupon is valid per order.

If you are considering prints (e.g., not canvas or framed images) I cannot recommend the metallic finish enough.  Seriously.  It adds a dimension to the images that cannot be matched in any other finish.  Almost three-dimensional, especially when it comes to portraits and landscape.  It is my go-to finish for any prints I order, especially for my family portraits.

While I mainly post landscape images here, I do have several other genres that I enjoy capturing:  Travel, Architecture, Nature, Street and Autos.  Each genre is available directly from my main page.

Thank you for your consideration.  And for stopping by to read my rambles.


Well, that’s been a lot of desert and landscape scenes.

Perhaps just one to mix it up.

A view from the Las Vegas strip, as friends and Goddess watch the water show in front of the Bellagio.

Water Show

Honestly, Goddess and I are not the folks that Las Vegas is looking for.  It’s really not our thing, even though we’ve been a few times over the years.  For various reasons, we just don’t get sucked into the hoopla.

But when friends fly in from Germany, we go.  And we’re thankful for the opportunity to spend time with them.

Plus, it was a great chance to meet another in person who I’ve known via the interwebs for a few years.

Not to mention using it as a waypoint to get out and see some great landscapes.


(that’s German for “snow”).

We’ve had several days of dustings in the past week, sometimes a bit more accumulation.  Which immediately makes me realize that we’ve actually been living on a tropical island for the past four years.

That’s the only explanation for the way people are driving now.  As if it’s never snowed here before.

Internal dialogue (not mine) – “zOMG, there’s snow off the sides of the roadway.  My brake and accelerator pedals have suddenly swapped positions”.

External dialogue (mine) – “Seriously?  We must drive 25kph (15mph) on a straight level road because there’s snow in the fields”  (expletives omitted).

I sure do miss riding my bicycle in this stuff.

And laughing at all the fools on the road.


Church of the Holy Spirit View

Overlooking Heidelberg, looking west along the Neckar River.

We’ve never spent the time to walk up the stairs to this view.  Luckily we had good friends in town this weekend and we set out to experience new things.