Cascade Sunset

TBT*, something I typically don’t do, but I have a lot of catching up to do with pics that haven’t been posted here.

One of my favorite sunsets from last summer, sitting with Goddess on a big pile of lava, looking north towards Mount Jefferson just a few days before the big fire that roared through its wilderness area.

*TBT=throwback Thursday, for those of you not hep to the lingo.

6 thoughts on “Cascade Sunset”

    1. Certainly, Linda! I realized that a lot of these images since mid-summer never made it outside the so-called “social” media, the stuff that smart people stay away from. So I think I’ll use Thursdays to post some here.

  1. I see four mountain peaks. Jefferson must be the one with the snow. The mountain to the left, is that a mountain near Sisters? At first I thought it might be Mt. Theilson, but it isn’t far enough north. The cloud has fun colors.

    1. Laurie, the snow-capped peak is Jeff. The one to the left is called Three Fingers. This viewpoint is near McKenzie Pass, on the north flank of North Sister.

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