Winter Hike

Well, not so much a hike as a little jaunt. Nothing adventurous, just an afternoon out to check out the local snowshoe trails. That and get a closer look at this layer that will cause problems later this winter.

We had a good snow almost a week ago, followed by clear, cold days (and nights). That causes the hoar frost that you see in the picture to form on the snow. As more snow falls on top of it, it acts as a weaker layer, like ball bearings. It’s layers like this that crack and let avalanches flow.

This picture was taken about midway down one of my favorite ski mountain runs, where it will be controlled. In the backcountry, it won’t be. That’s when it’s  a problem.

Luckily we aren’t there yet, although there are a couple of similar layers deeper in the snowpack. We just didn’t have to deal with them today as we stuck to well-traveled trails on relatively gentle slopes and enjoyed some scenery.

And poor Goddess had to deal with my constant commands in order to get some pictures of her in the scenery. She sure is a good sport. Perhaps it was because she could walk in a well-packed path instead of having to break trail in deep snow.

We are thankful to have these resources just a short drive from the house. It sure makes it easier to get out and enjoy them, especially on days like this where the runs and trails are not crowded.

Hopefully the New Year is treating you well so far. Goddess and I do hope that the rest of the year treats you extremely well.


4 thoughts on “Winter Hike”

  1. Love the spruce in their winter coats! So pretty! I, too, know the bark that demands you move a foot this way, that way, no stop, pull your finger out of your nose… blah, blah… but I always keep in mind that the results are amazing & will bring me such smiles when I’m 90. 😊

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