Us and Them

While that last post wasn’t that long ago, the events within were a couple of weeks older.

As soon as that week of trail work was done, I made a quick, unplanned trip home to see Goddess. I had been away for over three weeks and still had a couple more weeks scheduled, but too advantage of a gap and caught a bus ride home. I had made the same drive many times, but it was great to sit back, let the driver do the work, and enjoy the scenery. 

After a few days with Goddess, she was dropping me off at a trailhead in central Oregon. But not until we enjoyed a classic central Cascades sunset together.

Unfortunately, as I write this, that view is marred by the smoke of the Whitewater Fire in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness took hold and started to flare up while we were working. In the week since, it has exploded, dashing the hopes of thousands hoping to view this month’s eclipse surrounded by beauty. Shorter term, closures mean that this year’s PCT thru-hikers are scrambling for options.

But that’s jumping ahead. We have work to do first.


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