Fill that Hole

Our last project turned out to be a doozy. We got word that down the trail, in the opposite direction that we were working towards, was a washed out section of trail. So some of our focus shifted to fix the issue while the rest continued brushing the remainder of the section of trail that had been our sole focus. 

Once we got to the spot, it was obvious that it was tough for hikers but impassible for horses and stock animals. To make matters worse, it was on a steep hillside, so it would take a fair bit of work to build it up so that it was stable and would last more than just a season or two.

Here’s everyone looking at the problem and coming up with solutions before a few of us stayed behind to tackle it. The trickiest part was making the area stable, so that meant harvesting rocks from the hillside above. That alone made for some very exhilarating moments as we got the larger rocks to the site. Once we got a retaining wall built, we were pretty good at getting the rocks to stop in time. But sometimes the larger rocks carried too much momentum, debarking or destroying trees as they continued their journey, crashing through the forest as they continued downhill. Thankfully there weren’t any trails or roads below us.

It took a full day, plus a few hours the following day, to get it to a usable state. What you can’t see in the pic above are several rocks in the 300-450lb range that are holding everything together. Not only were they heavy, but they were awkward to handle and move into place, especially for the 3-4 people that we had on site at any given time. But we got it done.

Finishing this job came at the perfect time. We were shelled from a week of hard work, but quite satisfied with what we had done. 


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