Cut that Bench 

Once we broke out of the brush, we had some beautiful mountain meadows to enjoy. The downside is that the wet ground had slowly slid as it overtook the trail. We had to fix that.

Believe it or not, the trail is right up the center of that picture. The flowers and grasses had overgrown the trail, while the last of the winter snowmelt was still seeping from the rocks to the left. A day’s work solved one of the issues.

In the distance you can see one of our newest rock stars, a young lady who had just graduated college and was enjoying her summer before diving into the corporate world. She had never spent so much as an afternoon doing trail work before this, so she did the rational thing, diving into a week-long backcountry crew with a bunch of strangers. And she loved it!

She wasn’t the only one. We had a college junior and a 40-something poet do exactly the same thing. All three spent the week grinning ear to ear.

Perhaps it was also the views.

Looking south from the middle of the meadow, looking towards the Columbia River Gorge. That’s Table Mountain in the foreground, with Wy’east (Mount Hood) peaking over her shoulder.

Please don’t ask me what the flowers are. I am quite weak in that area, although it is on the list of things to learn.


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