And Then a Return 

To the trail, some familiar sights and some good laughs (read the link for some laughs).

Yep, it was a once again a windy skirt day on the bridge. Luckily I was prepared, so the occupants in the approaching  police cruiser just saw material.

Otherwise I doubt I would have made my next trail crew gig.

For reference, here’s a profile view of the bridge. It’s steel grating, so if you look down at your feet, you see straight to the water. If you’re someone who doesn’t do heights well, you would not enjoy this. Also, the bridge is in the narrowest part of the Gorge, so the winds are always quite gusty, which could add to someone’s discomfort. On top of that, there isn’t a pedestrian path. You walk in the narrow traffic lane and hope that the drivers are watching the road, not the view.

That said, it’s only 140′ above the water and happens to be the lowest elevation of the entire Pacific Crest Trail. 

A morning post-crossing view. As I was finishing, a southbound hiker was just starting to cross, all excited because she was finishing her section hike of Washington. Smiles for miles.


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