My Sunshine

A throwback to last April, watching the showers, hoping for some lightning or other exciting action.

Which may not have been smart, since we were on the highest point for several miles around.

But that’s what we do.

She’s looking at the last bit of last winter’s snow on Mount Ashland.  They’ve already received their first snowfall.  Here’s hoping that they have another great year.  They really need it.


7 thoughts on “My Sunshine”

  1. Hey bill, nice shot. Tempting plasma discharges though is another story. Maybe I also only just noticed, but when clicking the images now the link takes you to your front page instead of a larger version of the image. Tchuss

    1. Yep, that was by design. Not everything gets uploaded to the web page; I work hard at curating my offerings over there. But thank you for being willing to point out what could have been a glitch!

  2. I was a peak bagger in the Rockies. Lightening is like Beetlejuice, you have to say it’s name three times to get it to strike. Or just worry about it a lot, that gets some action, too. Titanium-tipped hiking poles work in a pinch.

    Any overcast day is a day I don’t have to smear any ungodly sunscreen crap on my pale-as-moonlight flesh, so that photo looks like heaven to me.

    1. You’ll note the lighting rod, aka tripod, right next to her. 😉

      I’ve never been much of a peak bagger, even though I’ve been up so pretty big mountains. I love the climb, absolutely hate the descent. Especially if there’s a lot of loose stuff.

      1. Good scree is fun, especially when it’s surfable.

        I just really hate pumice and the small gravel. We refer to those as ball bearings when they’re on a decent trail tread.

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