Gone Fishin’

Heh, not really.  I thought about that too late and didn’t have time to get my license and extra food.  So no fishing.

As always, Goddess is a Goddess and back at the house, taking care of the remainder of the unpacking, organizing and downsizing.

Instead, I am disconnected and in the wilderness for 10 or so days.  Ten days of looking at beautiful landscapes. 

Views that I didn’t pay too much mind to last year, as I was recovering from whatever illness I had on trail. A section where we were lucky to make 10 miles a day, thanks to that illness.

 Not to mention the seemingly unending miles of deadfall on the trail, slowing what little progress we were making.

A section so in need of maintenance for years that pissed me off so bad that I had mentally divorced the Pacific Trail Association  (PCTA), even as we were raising funds so they could get crews out to maintain the trail.

Instead of just moaning about it, I am out there this week fixing what pissed me off about it.

Hopefully you are able to get out and change something that has bothered you.


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