One Year

It has been a while.

We have enjoyed a lot of scenery and met with a lot of friends and family.  And we look forward to more.

Most importantly, today is our anniversary.

One year ago today, we turned over the keys to our rental house and became houseless.

Not homeless, but houseless.

Wherever Goddess and I are together, that is home.  We have been welcomed into many, many homes, where we celebrate our friendships and family.

We have also enjoyed some fantastic scenery.


Convict Lake, Mono County, California

With a new year ahead, we look forward to seeing more friends, family and scenery.

See you soon!


3 thoughts on “One Year”

  1. I rank my all-time life’s most wonderful experiences to include meeting and trail-Angelina you 2. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing some of life’s most fleeting moments.


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! It’s been a pleasure — and often an envy — following your lives and travels. Can’t wait to see you two again and finally getting around to sharing another beer together.

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